Monday, November 24, 2008

boom-de-ah-da, boom-de-ah-da.

today (for reasons i won't even bother getting into) had the potential to be mildly shitty. all the same, i put the kibosh on being upset, drank some coffee, and smiled. kinda wish that said coffee were an iced caramel macchiato, but whatever.


taking the higher road rocks. right now i'm about to embark on a clutter organizing mission. organized space = organized brain. yay! so stoked. ha ha i've been thinking about getting a very small tattoo that says something like "STFU" for those glum times, you know? i imagine that i'll think of something better.

um yeah, this song IS me. ha ha every song is me, but i'm not kidding when i say it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

free amaris, chubbiess, friday, etc.

i have a podcast now. it's called Free Amaris!! and you should totally check it out. ha ha upon listening to it i've discovered that i a. have a slight lisp, b. sound like a nutcase, aaand c. like to talk a lot. oh wait, i've always talked a lot. even in great moments of tenderness i've been told that i talk a lot. lol ~*great moments of tenderness*~. oh amaris.

i recorded a video blog too, but i'm going to put the kibosh on the vlogging for now. i'd like to get rid of some excess chub first. i was good this week, but i could've been better. quality workouts are hard to come by when you're working with a busted paw. if i could afford a gym membership i'd be tearing shit up in pilates, spinning class, and water aerobics. kind of obsessed with water aerobics. but yeah, no gyms for me, i'm too broke blah blah blah. any suggestions for some low impact fat blasting? also, my diet's going okay but much like my exercise it could be better. i needs more fruits and veggies in my life. or perhaps some kind of detoxifying cleansing, raw foods diet? yeeeaaah. ha ha i say this now, but thanksgiving day is coming. oh boy.

well, it's friday and i'm off to nyc for this month's Dub War. you should come too! there are subwoofers in the floor! BOOM.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wow. just wow.

ok, so this will be the last pms related post for a while. at least until next month, obvi. but yeah...

ha ha ha ha like i would even *need* that!?

i remember in the 90's there was a number called 'dial an insult.' the number was 1-900-INSULT (i know, i'm missing a digit blah blah), or something. like, you would call it and the voice on the other line would insult you. great.

i love that there's a clip of the insult line's ad on youtube. LOVE! this is taking me back to valley stream, ny circa 1991. coke bottle glasses, z cavaricci shorts, floral bodysuits, training bras, and yes pms :)

on a side note, z cavaricci still has a website up and running? whaaaat?

well at least their models are pretty? i'm so confused.

thursday night.

i can't go, but you totally should!

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aw shucks, i always miss the good stuff :( i love Missbehave mag and their awesome blog to bits. BITS i tell ya!!


babies on the martha stewart show.

babies dressed like thanksgiving dinner on the martha stewart show.

um what?

Monday, November 17, 2008

oh hai new theme song.

i am so sure that it's 10 years of lame to be posting song lyrics all up in your livejournal, let alone your BLOG. ha ha watch me care ;)

"negative thinking" by THE DEATH SET

If I felt cynicism, I'd wrap it in a blanket of discontentment, Fuck that!,
I feel better knowing that I decided not to,
When you were looking 'round, you veered to the right,
Did you notice that?
And I feel better knowing that I decided not to.

In hindsight, I don't want to be like the people I've liked.

ha ha yay!

aaaand in other news, i'm made my first podcast the other night. it's fun.

om nom nom.

yesterday ben and i went to Hershey's Chocolate World.

it was like "it's a small world", meets food porn, meets a cheery, informative tour on how chocolate's made. yay! :) when they showed the chocolate in it's liquid form just dripping i was getting a little excited, not gonna lie. chocolate usually doesn't do it for me, but it did this time. omg did it ever. oh, i should mention that i'm still in full blown pms mode, sooo yeah.

once your done with the whole (literal) song and dance that is the Hershey's Chocolate world animatronic tour of awesomeness you wind up smack dab in the gift shop.

shit looked rad, but we made a bee line to the food/snack area of course. i treated the boy and myself to some hershey's frozen cocoa, and it was omg amazing. like a frozen chocolate party in my mouth. we also split a reeses brownie. everything was beyond delicious. hershey's don't mess. also, it was cute when i asked ben if we were on a date.

all the same, my stomach felt HORRIBLE later on. i guess that frozen hot cocoa is something not to be messed with? the hot chocolate gods were not amused, and neither was my belly. i was, once again, promising myself that i'd go macrobiotic from now on. ah ha ha.

but yeah, if you're ever in the south central PA area, and are feeling the symptoms of pms come to Chocolate World! i could never make a habit out of this, as i'd wind up looking like one of the animatronic cows that were carrying on about milk and chocolate. LOL.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


okay. my cheeks keep turning red, i'm sleepier than usual, my belly is slightly distended, and i am craving certain foods (in particular: homemade iced tea, and cheeseburger spring rolls).


but yeah, the aforementioned symptoms can only mean that pms is on it's way. ha ha oh boy. i'm only bringing this up because last month EVERYTHING in the amaris galaxy seemed to go wrong during that time of the month. long story short: shit was not working, undesirable circumstances ensued, and i cried. yep, it sucked :) negativity is not going to take me alive this time around.

so i've been doing good with my mission of positivity (except for that time i thought that my boyfriend was copping an attitude), and i intend to keep things totally awesome. still don't know quite what i'm getting at with this post? i guess that it's kind of a reminder. a "don't freak out because your hormones are going to go crazy" reminder.


um why was i not aware of this?!

like, i just happened upon the premier on lifetime, and holy smokes was i stoked :) yay makeup artistry!

so yeah, every tuesday night at 10:00pm on lifetime tune in for your weekly dose of "blush."

Sunday, November 9, 2008


i dare you to watch this without smiling, or at least feeling nostalgic.

i want...i mean remember all of these!

Friday, November 7, 2008


i'm beginning to think that i have insomnia. it's like 1 a.m. and i'm wide awake and bored. shit, i even signed on to aim. oh wait, i've been known to do that from time to time anyway. but yeah, i found this weird online survey about dreams. nice change of pace. my dreams are always super duper strange.


Do you have the same dreams over and over again?
it's been known to happen.

Have you ever saved someone’s life in a dream?
not that i can remember.

Do some of your dreams come true?
sometimes. it's pretty weird.

Has a dream ever scared you so badly that you couldn’t go back to sleep?
omg yes.

Do you often fly in your dreams?
no, but swimming is sometimes involved.

What about fall?
yes! and then my legs get all restless and nuts and i wake up.

Ever had a dream where you or someone else dies?
only close calls.

What about a natural disaster (tornado, flood, hurricane)?
my dreams are often windy, and sometimes there's rain. but no natural disasters.

Out of all the dreams you remember, which is your favorite?
the one where i was i at a beach at night and there were stars in the water.

Most puzzling?
the one where i wound up hiding in a muddy bush, whispering to a friend.

it escapes me at the moment, BUT i have woken up laughing before. it was awesome :)

Have you ever dreamed that you were lost?

Ever had super abilities (invisibility, super strength)?
not really.

Do you ever dream of dinosaurs?
when i was a kid i used to day dream about dinosaurs. instead of imaginary friends i had imaginary dinosaurs.

Do you ever confuse your dreams with reality?
ALL OF THE TIME. i'm often prone to saying/thinking things like, "did that really just happen?"

Do you ever dream about sex? ha ha ha aw shucks. of course, but my dreams seem to be a lot more sublime than real life.

ha ha lame surveys :)

ah. i'd very much like to have some kind of sleepover party (snuggie party?), so i can hear all about other people's weirdo dreams the next day.

right now i'm going to go continue re-reading "running with scissors." right now i keep listening to this:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

this is tomorrow night.

i totally want to go, but i'm sure that i won't be able to make it. hopefully this stays on exhibit for a while so i can check it out at a more convenient time :)

WestPain and Chief

an artistic tribute to Cathy

1089 Broadway, BKNY

Exhibition Opening Party:
Thursday, Nov.

Exhibited artwork by:
Hope Gangloff
Natalie Shook
Robert Thompson
Mike Force
Theo Gonzales
Benny Smalls
and more!


ha ha cathy.

a first for everything.


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If you find an image which you feel is in violation of our Terms, please feel free to use the 'report image' link below the image.

Thanks for your understanding.

MySpace Safety & Security

i totally got banned on myspace.

aaaaand in other news, how about our new president?! omg, yes we did! i'm soooo genuinely happy, proud, and full of hope that it's incredible. almost too much to handle. all the same, i kind of wish that folks would stop with the cynicism and naysaying so early on in the game (a little positivity goes a long way, trust me). i ain't mad at you though :) to each their own of course. still, i love you more than anything, you're better than gold, y'all are my Rushmore. all of you :)