Thursday, August 20, 2009

i'm not mad.

whoa! so it turns out that hard candy will be joining forces with walmart. the makeup/nail polish junkie in me (i have three traincases full of stuff, you guys) is sooo beyond stoked. are you? :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


perhaps this is why i'm excited about getting older?

yup yup.


so tomorrow i'm headed to philadelphia to party it up birthday style (see the post below). i'm not usually this stoked about turning another year older, but i guess that i'm ready for the next chapter? like, beyond ready. good things, productive things are happening. 29 will be all mine. ha ha i am lame! but yeah, i finally discovered how to make mixes on youtube so i decided to make a birthday mix for myself, and anyone else that would enjoy listening to it :)

i also had to make another polyvore on the wishlist tip, cuz you know.

uh huh.

oh yeah, it occured to me the other day that a ton of stellar people share the same exact birthday as me (see: madonna, betsey j, bb king, deejay ill P, donovan leitch jr. (mmm), tara mason, and rumer willis). hey guys, hey :) i hope that all leo babies in general are having the best birthdays EVER. this is for you.

love and nonsense (clearly),


Friday, August 7, 2009

this is why my birthday (well, the night before it) will be awesome.

ok. it's been settled, i'm going to celebrate my 29th birthday in philly. i like philly, and i imagine that i'll like it even more after next saturday!

first off we have the mad decent block party.

holy shit you guys.

and then there's this hot action...

just now, on twitter, i decided that BYOB can also stand for "bring your own baked goods."

i was kidding(?)

so yeah, if you are in the philadelphia vicinity next saturday by all means come on down.

whinenoceros status.

that's how it feels sometimes.

anxiety, unanswered texts/emails, my favorite people and their lack of enthusiasm for all things amaris, worrying, my busted paw, feeling like a burden as a result of the aforementioned paw, getting annoyed by myself, pointless whining, nagging neurosis, etc. once again i need cher to come and slap me, while demanding that i "snap out of it." she should also totally lend me one of her fabulous wigs.

i'd like to think that tonight is just a hiccup, and that i will emerge tomorrow morning as fresh as a daisy. a daisy who doesn't give a fuck about that negative shit.

this felt good :)