Monday, December 29, 2008

why is this funny?


wow, get a life amaris XD

two facts:

1. yesterday i touched a shamwow, they feel like felt. lol.

2. right now i'm packing for a roadtrip and listening to the freak folk station on last fm. it's pretty awesome :)


slap chop, son, SLAP CHOP.



Sunday, December 21, 2008

help wanted!

who wants to be in an army of lovers cover band with me??

Saturday, December 20, 2008

one year.

ha ha i totally posted this blog on myspace, but i felt compelled to share it with everybody. here we go...

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ok. sooo i was in a nasty (not so) little car accident one year ago today. said accident left me with a fractured left knee cap, torn tendons in my right hand, and a completely crushed right heel. after many months, two reconstructive surgeries, casts, orthopedic braces, and heaps of physical therapy i am almost normal :) my right foot (the one with the busted heel) is still kind of messed up. like, i can't run, stand for long periods of time, or walk on uneven terrain (damaged proprioceptors, haayy). however, i am satisfied in knowing that i will be able to do all of these again at some point!

but yeah, positivity and a sense of humor totally kept my chin up this year. TOTALLY. and my loved ones...oh my loved ones. the ones that kept me smiling. they know who they are, and they know that i love them with every fiber of my being. thank you thank you thank you for being strong and not giving up on me. ya'll are my rushmore.

ah ha ha ha crying.

ah ha ha ha poor sentence structure while crying :)

i love each and every one of you and i mean that. i'm grateful that i'm here, and i'm grateful that remarkable people like you exist.

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<3 x 10000000000000000

Thursday, December 18, 2008

and another one, and another one.

this is tonight, and i think that i might actually go this time.

join me, yeah?

Friday, December 12, 2008


i just realized that i am total khloe amongst women. lol oh god that sounded dumb. but yeah, i'm like the token amazon woman. all towering height, boobs, hips, and legs (god didn't bless me with an ass, oh wellz). it's not a bad thing. ha ha a friend of mine said that he prefers the term "rubenesque" ah ha ha ha!

i like me, i'm totally cool with me. all the same (and as i've mentioned in this blog) i would like to improve myself. i'm trying to lead an active lifestyle (wean myself away from the dvr and all of it's "twin peaks" reruns) and eat things that aren't terribly bad for me (wean myself away from sweets, bread and cheese. mmmm cheese.) i've even considered going raw, which is all kinds of exciting to me!

right now i'm in the throes of december's edition of the pms and i'm not even craving anything crazy, which is weird. ha ha if anything i'm craving beer. yeah.

ah so at any given point, regardless of how chubby i am, i'd like to think that i'm good at working with what i've got. with that being said, my goal is simply to be healthier and look rad in an outfit like this, or anthing by harriet's alter ego.

no kidding :)

p.s. this post is dedicated to betty page. may she rest in peace.

tubular crin!

that's what some of the ravers wear in their hair. yep.

said tubular crin is otherwise known as "cyberlox" or something crazy like that. i was totally hating on the 'crin, until i saw pictures of a pretty girl wearing them (seen above). you know, i even considered being a raver for halloween because i LOVE putting ridiculous shit in my hair. instead i opted on being medusa.

but yeah, ravers. for some reason ravers insist on dressing like cats? i noticed this when the boy and i went to a dance party party in philly. i remember drunkenly saying that the cats must be PISSED at all of these candy kids. i mean, i saw a guy wearing a tail. c'mon now.

ha ha ha ugh XD

apart from the cats i'm pre-tty sure that the babies are extra pissed off at these people for their silly use of the pacifier.



don't know quite what i was getting at here, but i think that i made my point :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

he sees you when you're sleeping.

dude, those palm phone "claus" commercials freak me out. perhaps because he actually reminds me of some guys that i've met? ha ha yikes!

oh, and check out dj claus.

ooooooh! look at his face.

what kind of music do you think he spins?

Sunday, December 7, 2008




i know that most people tend to feel depressed and like shit on sundays, but for some reason i've been super blissful today? like, my endorphins are going NUTS. so nuts that my heart started palpitating. oh happy anxiety :) i keep laughing too, it's pretty awesome. not like i'm usually a miserable mabel or anything, but feeling this happy for no particular reason is a smidge foreign to me. ha ha just a little. can't complain, though. heh, maybe if i'm lucky enough that inspiration that i've been looking for will bite me in the ass. cool!

p.s. new animal collective next month. get stoked, i'm already there!

p.p.s. when i think of the twilight zone i always think of this:


bring it on winter?

ok. so remember the snuggie? come to find out that the snuggie has some competition in the "creepy blanket/robes that make you look like you're in a cult" department. meet the slanket...


decemeber's here and i am job/apartment hunting like a fiend at this point. got a couple good leads, so we shall see.

Friday, December 5, 2008


i feel no good terrible AWFUL for saying this, but carla from top chef nyc totally reminds me of that meat head alien dude from that one 80's movie. whoa, run-on sentence. i must be excited.


ha ha, oh yeah. someone else feels similarly.

cherries, britney, and stuff that's not about you, obvi.

sooo i'm eating cherries and watching the britney documentary. it's actually not half bad? dunno. but yeah, i'm sitting here and i got to thinking...i got to thinking that my favorite people are actually really really bad at answering emails. like, it's uncanny. maybe i have a nasty little habit of writing/saying too much? that could be it. maybe they're busy? ha ha maaayyybe i should turn the neuroticism down a notch? ;)


ahh i love cherries. and guess what? i love my favorite people even more. ha ha it happens. right now "waiting to exhale" is on so might have to watch it.

i want this on dvd.

no seriously.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

missbehave done it again.

sigh. another party that i'll have to miss :(

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ha ha stinks how these things always happen when i'm broke. you should totally go and tell me all about it. i love Missbehave 4 lyfe <3 oh, and those shoes are adorable! want.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



another podcast is here. a yummy mix of self depreciation, randomness, and a chock full o' laughs? comin' right up!