Monday, October 19, 2009

it's magic part i.

ok. so i'm pretty much treating this thing like one of the many abandoned journals of my youth. you know what i'm talking about...the fancy leather bound one that you buy at borders, that you write like one entry in. or the 99 cent marble notebook that you intend on littering with collage magic, and it JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. no mas! i'm going to get off my ass, and uhhh get back on my ass? ha ha something like that.

the internet is tricky, being productive (on the internet, and otherwise) is trickier. talking in circles yay! what i'm trying to say is that is that i am once again up and at 'em on the productivity tip. new home, job hunting, life changing, creating things, bright eyed and busy tailed, etc.

so yeah, expect to see more of me on here.

p.s. if the internet were a video game this guy would surely be one of it's bosses.

i can't front; dude's songs are kinda catchy and memorable :( also, much like that "lotion" video, i like pretending that he's every creepy guy that i've ever known :)