Wednesday, March 18, 2009


what's the best nation? procrastination!

no, not really ha ha. but it is something i do quite often. i am not proud :( i even procrastinate when it comes to fun things. wtf. it's my least favorite habit, bar none.

these days i've been job hunting, apartment/roommate hunting, creating, life organizing, and attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle (see: eating better, working out). i've made strides, albeit little, passive ones. it kind of stinks, dudes. like, i want to be wildly ambitious, i want my motivation to last more than a day, i want to be awesome. i need a cheerleader, a guru, and a drill sergeant all at once. i know i can do this. i've done it before :)

i always laugh and/or cringe when people say things like: "today is the first day of the rest of my life!", but tomorrow i will be ALL OVER that action. seriously, gtfo procrastination. i'm over that wishy-washy balderdash. wish me luck!

Friday, March 6, 2009

looking like a keane painting rocks.

i have big eyes.

it's is not a new development, but i am often reminded of just how ginormous they are. i also have big boobs, but that's not what i'm getting at here. heh as usual i don't quite know what i'm getting at? i like my eyes. some have said that they are my best feature. that rules. i guess that some people like big eyes?

my self esteem is better than it's ever been. ha ha seeing as how i actually have self esteem these days. so yeah, i've decided that i would celebrate my favorite features by haphazardly writing about them, while subsequently posting pictures of other girls who have similar attributes. fortunately this will only happen on occasion :)

and now, bring on the eye balls! uh that sounded a lot worse than i wanted it too :(

masha tylna.

oh magibon lol.

blythe, duh.

any big eyed beauties that you can think of?

theatre of the MIND.

for the past few weeks or so my dreams have been drizzled in wacky sauce. my dreams are usually pretty normal and mundane. like, i get them mixed up with real life all of the time. lately it's been, um, different. dude, i couldn't make this up if i tried. instead of trying to explain these sleepy time adventures, i will indulge you with a taste. an amuse bouche of amaris' resting brain. ha ha ew that sounds gross! but yeah, some standout bits include:

* the ocean at night with actual stars in the water. it was beautiful.

* consoling a crying heath ledger by talking to him about ponds cold cream.

* having my personal space invaded by jude law.

* arguing with my boyfriend about porn. explaining to him that alt porn is better via an elaborate slide show.

* hanging from ceiling rafters with my friends in order to avoid being killed by jason. said ceiling rafters eventually turned into seats at a quiz show. jason was the host.

* running into the fat jew at cinnabon in the mall. he was really cool, and explained to me that he only peddles gooey cinnamon goodness for fun.

* turning into a big nosed teenage boy who battles laser wielding dinosaurs in the girl's bathroom.

yep, that's the kind of stuff i dream about. scout's honor.

my mom has one of those dream encyclopedias, and i really should consider giving it a look. or maybe i should see a psychic. i don't know?

Monday, March 2, 2009

my butt my butt my butt.

oh youtube, i will never stop loving you...unless vimeo wins me over.