Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wow. just wow.

ok, so this will be the last pms related post for a while. at least until next month, obvi. but yeah...

ha ha ha ha like i would even *need* that!?

i remember in the 90's there was a number called 'dial an insult.' the number was 1-900-INSULT (i know, i'm missing a digit blah blah), or something. like, you would call it and the voice on the other line would insult you. great.

i love that there's a clip of the insult line's ad on youtube. LOVE! this is taking me back to valley stream, ny circa 1991. coke bottle glasses, z cavaricci shorts, floral bodysuits, training bras, and yes pms :)

on a side note, z cavaricci still has a website up and running? whaaaat?

well at least their models are pretty? i'm so confused.

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