Wednesday, March 31, 2010


so about a week ago i was feeling way down in the dumps for mildly selfish reasons. when i'm super bummed like that i tend to listen to the saddest music in the world, of course. in doing so i decided to break out some old sparklehorse tunes. sparklehorse's music played a HUGE part in my early 20's, and has stuck with me like melancholic honey ever since. did i actually just type "meloncholic honey?" gross, amaris. but yeah, mark linkous' music has always had such profound affect on affect that i'll never quite be able to explain.

when i heard about his passing i cried. oh my god you guys, i cried the hardest that have in a while (the word "guttural" comes to mind). usually ~*celebrity*~ deaths have zero influence on my moods, but this was different. my guts were wrenched, my heart was broken, and i was not sniveling about my own mundane life for once. heh, i may or may not be choked up right now. ugh :(

mark linkous, your gifts will be missed so much more than you'll ever know.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring, sprang, sprung.

i totally remember blasting this gem on the first day of spring. i was a very literal 14 year old.

happy vernal equinox, dears. i'm going to go listen to "touch my tooter."