Friday, November 21, 2008

free amaris, chubbiess, friday, etc.

i have a podcast now. it's called Free Amaris!! and you should totally check it out. ha ha upon listening to it i've discovered that i a. have a slight lisp, b. sound like a nutcase, aaand c. like to talk a lot. oh wait, i've always talked a lot. even in great moments of tenderness i've been told that i talk a lot. lol ~*great moments of tenderness*~. oh amaris.

i recorded a video blog too, but i'm going to put the kibosh on the vlogging for now. i'd like to get rid of some excess chub first. i was good this week, but i could've been better. quality workouts are hard to come by when you're working with a busted paw. if i could afford a gym membership i'd be tearing shit up in pilates, spinning class, and water aerobics. kind of obsessed with water aerobics. but yeah, no gyms for me, i'm too broke blah blah blah. any suggestions for some low impact fat blasting? also, my diet's going okay but much like my exercise it could be better. i needs more fruits and veggies in my life. or perhaps some kind of detoxifying cleansing, raw foods diet? yeeeaaah. ha ha i say this now, but thanksgiving day is coming. oh boy.

well, it's friday and i'm off to nyc for this month's Dub War. you should come too! there are subwoofers in the floor! BOOM.


Annie said...

Those exercises sound perfect. I love pilates, and I've wanted to try the other two. We would totally be gym partners if we both had money and lived in the same city. :D

the only amaris said...

i know right? good to know :) yeah, i'm going to have to settle on my stationary bike anymore. the bf and i are contemplating "the master cleanse" but i dunno.

LaDieu said...

You will have the greatest weight loss benefit from doing many reps with some dumbells or weights of various exercises. You might only burn a few hundred calories during the workout, but by the time your body is done healing itself you will have burnt 1000 or more calories and the new muscle tissue will burn more calories to maintain itself. When your lifting go as intense and fast as possible and do as little rest between sets as you can possibly do. Power sets where you do multiple exercises like doing a dumbbell row to a dumbbell push back or lateral raise to overhead press are good.

When you diet or do tons of cardio you tend to lose muscle and fat in equal portions where weight lifting burns primarily fat.

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months once and all I did was switch to diet soda and stop snacking. So one helpful thing would be to analyze your food intake with a food journal and determine if you there are any reoccurring themes you can address.

Hmmm, now i am feeling motivated to do some of this myself. Maybe I should start blogging regularly.

LaDieu said...

also I am burning a copy of P90X for big Ben. He said he would do it with me. Possibly we will get ripped if we can stick with it for more than a week.