Monday, November 17, 2008

om nom nom.

yesterday ben and i went to Hershey's Chocolate World.

it was like "it's a small world", meets food porn, meets a cheery, informative tour on how chocolate's made. yay! :) when they showed the chocolate in it's liquid form just dripping i was getting a little excited, not gonna lie. chocolate usually doesn't do it for me, but it did this time. omg did it ever. oh, i should mention that i'm still in full blown pms mode, sooo yeah.

once your done with the whole (literal) song and dance that is the Hershey's Chocolate world animatronic tour of awesomeness you wind up smack dab in the gift shop.

shit looked rad, but we made a bee line to the food/snack area of course. i treated the boy and myself to some hershey's frozen cocoa, and it was omg amazing. like a frozen chocolate party in my mouth. we also split a reeses brownie. everything was beyond delicious. hershey's don't mess. also, it was cute when i asked ben if we were on a date.

all the same, my stomach felt HORRIBLE later on. i guess that frozen hot cocoa is something not to be messed with? the hot chocolate gods were not amused, and neither was my belly. i was, once again, promising myself that i'd go macrobiotic from now on. ah ha ha.

but yeah, if you're ever in the south central PA area, and are feeling the symptoms of pms come to Chocolate World! i could never make a habit out of this, as i'd wind up looking like one of the animatronic cows that were carrying on about milk and chocolate. LOL.


Joey Lynn said...

theyre milkshakes are ridiculously good! we all got them last summer before the rides. maybe not such a good idea since it was about 100 degrees that day. hahha milk, heat, and windy roller coasters.....

the only amaris said...

i believe it! mmmm it's a good thing that chocolate world is far least not within walking distance. ugh, oh man that must've been something else.