Tuesday, November 11, 2008


okay. my cheeks keep turning red, i'm sleepier than usual, my belly is slightly distended, and i am craving certain foods (in particular: homemade iced tea, and cheeseburger spring rolls).


but yeah, the aforementioned symptoms can only mean that pms is on it's way. ha ha oh boy. i'm only bringing this up because last month EVERYTHING in the amaris galaxy seemed to go wrong during that time of the month. long story short: shit was not working, undesirable circumstances ensued, and i cried. yep, it sucked :) negativity is not going to take me alive this time around.

so i've been doing good with my mission of positivity (except for that time i thought that my boyfriend was copping an attitude), and i intend to keep things totally awesome. still don't know quite what i'm getting at with this post? i guess that it's kind of a reminder. a "don't freak out because your hormones are going to go crazy" reminder.


dogganghappened said...

spring rolls and iced tea sounnds soooo good!

i too am felling the crampy ickyness only women know....booooooo ovaries!

Joey Lynn said...

wearing moonstone is really good for pms.

the only amaris said...

omg i know. i hear that they serve the cheeseburger spring rolls at some place in nyc. clearly, i'll have to find myself there the next time i'm there. mmmm :)

the only amaris said...

good to know, joey lynn :)

hey...are you JOEY joey?? like nepa joey?