Friday, December 12, 2008

tubular crin!

that's what some of the ravers wear in their hair. yep.

said tubular crin is otherwise known as "cyberlox" or something crazy like that. i was totally hating on the 'crin, until i saw pictures of a pretty girl wearing them (seen above). you know, i even considered being a raver for halloween because i LOVE putting ridiculous shit in my hair. instead i opted on being medusa.

but yeah, ravers. for some reason ravers insist on dressing like cats? i noticed this when the boy and i went to a dance party party in philly. i remember drunkenly saying that the cats must be PISSED at all of these candy kids. i mean, i saw a guy wearing a tail. c'mon now.

ha ha ha ugh XD

apart from the cats i'm pre-tty sure that the babies are extra pissed off at these people for their silly use of the pacifier.



don't know quite what i was getting at here, but i think that i made my point :)


1 comment:

becky said...

that's a picture of my child in the blue, please remove it.