Monday, December 29, 2008

why is this funny?


wow, get a life amaris XD

two facts:

1. yesterday i touched a shamwow, they feel like felt. lol.

2. right now i'm packing for a roadtrip and listening to the freak folk station on last fm. it's pretty awesome :)


slap chop, son, SLAP CHOP.




Jeffrey Paswick said...

make a cool blog with cool stuff. take down all your blogs and then make a new blog with cool stories and awwsome drawings!!!!

the only amaris said...

Ha ha awesome!

Annie said...

LOL, I'm always hypnotized by the Shamwow commercials--that guy really sells it! ha

the only amaris said...

i know!! he's totally got the steve buscemi charm goin' on.

crimsoncitizen said...
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crimsoncitizen said...

the guy from the shamwow commercial could probably sell me anything. literally anything. he could sell my own belongings back to me. why? because it practically sells itself.

the only amaris said...

ha ha "are you following me camera guy?!"

Anonymous said...

Ahahah! This post is awesome! Every time those ads come on, my Dad shakes his head, covers his face and groans, "ugh, that asshole again.."

the only amaris said...

@Loni: LOL thanks! Yeah, that Vince guy is reeeaaal rough around the edges.