Saturday, December 20, 2008

one year.

ha ha i totally posted this blog on myspace, but i felt compelled to share it with everybody. here we go...

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ok. sooo i was in a nasty (not so) little car accident one year ago today. said accident left me with a fractured left knee cap, torn tendons in my right hand, and a completely crushed right heel. after many months, two reconstructive surgeries, casts, orthopedic braces, and heaps of physical therapy i am almost normal :) my right foot (the one with the busted heel) is still kind of messed up. like, i can't run, stand for long periods of time, or walk on uneven terrain (damaged proprioceptors, haayy). however, i am satisfied in knowing that i will be able to do all of these again at some point!

but yeah, positivity and a sense of humor totally kept my chin up this year. TOTALLY. and my loved ones...oh my loved ones. the ones that kept me smiling. they know who they are, and they know that i love them with every fiber of my being. thank you thank you thank you for being strong and not giving up on me. ya'll are my rushmore.

ah ha ha ha crying.

ah ha ha ha poor sentence structure while crying :)

i love each and every one of you and i mean that. i'm grateful that i'm here, and i'm grateful that remarkable people like you exist.

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<3 x 10000000000000000


dogganghappened said...

ohhhhhh baxter and i go waaayyyyyyy back!

they used to deliver my mum's meds evey other week at 5 am! i h8 them.

well! i am happy that you are hhealing...slowly but surely.

i too cannot stand for long periods of time...i can however run a bit, but i save that for trying to make it to maxwell's before doors at shows. ah memories.

again, i am happy you're doing allright...even if it isn't at amazing yet...allright is better than bad or eh riiight?!

happy to have "met" you.

your sister in foot problems,

the only amaris said...

ugh, 5 am. ha ha they used to wake me up at 5 am when i was in the hopsital :(

thank you miss, yeah i've learned to take things one day at a time.

dood over the summer i stood in line for three hours to see MGMT. i kept rubbing icy hot on my was confusing people. in other news, i totally miss maxwells. mmm hoboken.


naimah, you're completely awesome. next time i'm in the philly area i will totes look you up!

lol physical therapy cases ftw ;P