Friday, December 12, 2008


i just realized that i am total khloe amongst women. lol oh god that sounded dumb. but yeah, i'm like the token amazon woman. all towering height, boobs, hips, and legs (god didn't bless me with an ass, oh wellz). it's not a bad thing. ha ha a friend of mine said that he prefers the term "rubenesque" ah ha ha ha!

i like me, i'm totally cool with me. all the same (and as i've mentioned in this blog) i would like to improve myself. i'm trying to lead an active lifestyle (wean myself away from the dvr and all of it's "twin peaks" reruns) and eat things that aren't terribly bad for me (wean myself away from sweets, bread and cheese. mmmm cheese.) i've even considered going raw, which is all kinds of exciting to me!

right now i'm in the throes of december's edition of the pms and i'm not even craving anything crazy, which is weird. ha ha if anything i'm craving beer. yeah.

ah so at any given point, regardless of how chubby i am, i'd like to think that i'm good at working with what i've got. with that being said, my goal is simply to be healthier and look rad in an outfit like this, or anthing by harriet's alter ego.

no kidding :)

p.s. this post is dedicated to betty page. may she rest in peace.


dogganghappened said...

i do not believe that you look like a dude. chole...khole whatevz looks like a tranny..hardcore.

you, on the other hand are a fiesty, shapely, awesome gal.

the end.

the only amaris said...

LOL! :)

aww, thank you bb. you're way too kind.

Al from TDP said...

Hey Amaris, Al from The DnA Project here.

I did the raw foods diet for about... four months? Then fell prey to my eternal vampyric craving for crab legs and and something off the bone.

The first week .5 is rough, and is almost like a body detox. After that you feel great.

It really depends on how much you enjoy specific things. I've come to the conclusion that raw food living is great for about the time i spent doing it. I felt great, lost almost 20 pounds, and had a lot more energy. good luck, if you like i can dig around and find some of the recipe sites i used. Some were absolutely killer.