Monday, October 6, 2008

a better amaris part i.

soooo i'm on a diet now. i ate a small bowl of asopao de camarones and drank some black cherry juice tonight. gonna try and eat my veggies, avoid random sweets, and spend at least an hour on the stationary bike from now on. yep. my new diet will also prove to be helpful when i go out to eat with friends, my man, my fammo, etc., as i will be ordering a very small (and therefore inexpensive) amount of food. yeeeaaah, the fact that i've been disabled for almost a year has certainly taken a nasty little toll on my purse.

out of everyone i must say that the two people who take me on yummy food adventures would be my boyfriend and my mother. ha ha for some reason mom likes to take me for random iced lattes and/or ice creams (among other things). my boyfriend (ohhh my boyfriend) and i are, like, ALWAYS out at some random restaurant. the other day he jokingly said that once i'm better and working that i am going to owe him A LOT of dinners. this upset me and made me cry because: a. crying is my numero uno self defense mechanism (lame, huh?), and b. i generally felt bad and devoid of any independence (read: moochiness). after wearing my sunglasses indoors and pouting over beer and salad i got over it. i did, however, make a decision then and there not to go balls out when i go out to eat anymore (does that make sense?). my waist will thank me, and it will work out for all parties involved, trust me :) i just wish certain people knew just how much they mean to me. like, i'm pretty sure that they know but i just want to make sure.

ahhh fires under my ass are kinda awesome. all the same, there will be no ana/mia business here, thank you very much. i'm ultimately doing this to be healthy.

having goals rocks, and exercise is kind of fun in terms of getting my neglected endorphins pumping. yeah!

part ii up next...

ETA: i'm not giving up on beer though ;)


dogganghappened said...

my mom looked at me last night and asked me where my six pack went...tear i too must now work out daily starting tmrw...tonight is for ice cream!!!!!

the only amaris said...

good luck bb! alls i got is a stationary bike and an ab-rocker. hopefully those make a dent. what i really need is a gym membership. hello water aerobics and pilates.

dogganghappened said...

i got the mtv yoga's pretty intennse but it's hard to find a 1/2 hour to do it...and the next day your muscles are on nfire...annd my job hhas me lifting things at times..not a good combo!

good luck to you too deary<33

the only amaris said...

ha ha oh damn. i kind of want to buy one of those bender balls ( and i'm actually reading one of those "things they don't want you to know about weight loss!" books. as seen on tv ftw? oh thank you <3