Wednesday, October 15, 2008


because, much like elina on ANTM, my hair is like a small cat living on my head. i, however, was born this way and her's was, um, weaved that way. so yeah, it seems as though my hair is growing bigger, not longer. i guess i'm going to have to go in for a trim, but i'm wondering what to do with the the whole bang situation. i've cut them myself in the past, and sometimes i do an awesome job. other times i wind up looking like i went at it with a nail clipper. at this point the old bangs are constantly poking me in the eyes. i'm not sure if i should cut them, them or grow them out. what would you do?

here's my most favorite set of bangs ever. my bangs (and most, i assume) sometimes cause delightful forehead acne.

aaand here's me with a bit of a forehead. sometimes i'm not a fan of my forehead. god, that sounds so lame.


ha ha speaking of hair, the other day my boyfriend and i went to the art supply store to buy some fake doll hair for his halloween costume. that shit was sooo hard to find, and they only had soul glo curls available for purchase lol. also, my boyfriend made me pay for the bags of hair because he felt weird. i laughed.


Annie said...

You look great either way! The bangs look cooler but the forehead (if I may i.d. them as such) looks sexier.
I trim my own bangs. My hair grows way too fast and I'm kind of a control freak about them. Sometimes I mess them up, but they grow out. :]

the only amaris said...

aw thank you <3 i might just go for some thick, side swiping bang action. so long as my layers get thinned out i think that i'll be ok, and look less like a pyramid :) i wish i knew how to cut all of my hair, besides my bangs.