Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you'd break your neck to keep your chin up.

k, so i'm still on my "omg i've got to be positive all of the time!" mission. i'm doing ok. i've lost five lbs, i bought shoes that aren't terribly ugly (slouchy black boots, holler). i'm going to a job fair on thursday night, and am ready to charm the pants off of potential employers. yep, things are looking up. sunny side up.

all the same, i'm pretty sure that i should talk to "someone." someone with a phd, and a comfy couch. seems as though the entire world finds my natural, over emotional state to be annoying. it saddens me to know that folks are not really capable of loving me unconditionally, but whatevs. also, i'm still PMSing pretty darn hard. those closest too me think that i'm a drama queen. last night(while talking about my previous blog entry) i asked my boyfriend if i sound like a psycho jealous girlfriend. he told me that i would if i kept going on about what had me so upset. awesome. i then told him that i felt sabotaged and trapped. he understood. HE UNDERSTOOD! :) that was nice, i love it when people understand.

so yeah, perhaps i need professional help? perhaps i don't? all i know is that it certainly helps to come clean. communication is key, as is understanding. i'm an emo bitch and sometimes i cry. i truly hope that those who love me understand that. i'm trying to be stronger, though. things can only get better. you'll see :)

god, my blog entries have been a ton of fun lately, eh? ha ha wow.

p.s. listen to the new copeland album. omg.


dogganghappened said...

1. i too am on the PMS train and i swear to you it's a deathtrap!!!

all this to have babies?!?!? wtf?!?!?!

it makes me cry while watching oldschool everwood on youtube, or grey's anatomy on thursday nights.

yeeeahh fun times!

2. i've never been overly emotional......i usually cry when alone or not at all...it'unhealthy i know but it's how i deal..i hold everything in and when i think back on certain things its like it was just yesterday..i'm learning to stop that though.

3. COPELAND?!?!?!? I ADORE them...soooo goooooooddddd!!!!

the only amaris said...

1. omg I KNOW. honestly, this has been one the crappiest weeks to date :(

2. ever since i've boycotted crying i've kind of been like a robot. like, i haven't cracked a genuine smile in days, and i haven't LOL'ed in a minute :( i guess it's hard for everybody.

3. i am in love with copeland. that album is a little slice of heaven.

dogganghappened said...

i gotta hear it! maybe i'll review it.