Friday, August 14, 2009


so tomorrow i'm headed to philadelphia to party it up birthday style (see the post below). i'm not usually this stoked about turning another year older, but i guess that i'm ready for the next chapter? like, beyond ready. good things, productive things are happening. 29 will be all mine. ha ha i am lame! but yeah, i finally discovered how to make mixes on youtube so i decided to make a birthday mix for myself, and anyone else that would enjoy listening to it :)

i also had to make another polyvore on the wishlist tip, cuz you know.

uh huh.

oh yeah, it occured to me the other day that a ton of stellar people share the same exact birthday as me (see: madonna, betsey j, bb king, deejay ill P, donovan leitch jr. (mmm), tara mason, and rumer willis). hey guys, hey :) i hope that all leo babies in general are having the best birthdays EVER. this is for you.

love and nonsense (clearly),


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