Friday, March 6, 2009

theatre of the MIND.

for the past few weeks or so my dreams have been drizzled in wacky sauce. my dreams are usually pretty normal and mundane. like, i get them mixed up with real life all of the time. lately it's been, um, different. dude, i couldn't make this up if i tried. instead of trying to explain these sleepy time adventures, i will indulge you with a taste. an amuse bouche of amaris' resting brain. ha ha ew that sounds gross! but yeah, some standout bits include:

* the ocean at night with actual stars in the water. it was beautiful.

* consoling a crying heath ledger by talking to him about ponds cold cream.

* having my personal space invaded by jude law.

* arguing with my boyfriend about porn. explaining to him that alt porn is better via an elaborate slide show.

* hanging from ceiling rafters with my friends in order to avoid being killed by jason. said ceiling rafters eventually turned into seats at a quiz show. jason was the host.

* running into the fat jew at cinnabon in the mall. he was really cool, and explained to me that he only peddles gooey cinnamon goodness for fun.

* turning into a big nosed teenage boy who battles laser wielding dinosaurs in the girl's bathroom.

yep, that's the kind of stuff i dream about. scout's honor.

my mom has one of those dream encyclopedias, and i really should consider giving it a look. or maybe i should see a psychic. i don't know?

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