Friday, March 6, 2009

looking like a keane painting rocks.

i have big eyes.

it's is not a new development, but i am often reminded of just how ginormous they are. i also have big boobs, but that's not what i'm getting at here. heh as usual i don't quite know what i'm getting at? i like my eyes. some have said that they are my best feature. that rules. i guess that some people like big eyes?

my self esteem is better than it's ever been. ha ha seeing as how i actually have self esteem these days. so yeah, i've decided that i would celebrate my favorite features by haphazardly writing about them, while subsequently posting pictures of other girls who have similar attributes. fortunately this will only happen on occasion :)

and now, bring on the eye balls! uh that sounded a lot worse than i wanted it too :(

masha tylna.

oh magibon lol.

blythe, duh.

any big eyed beauties that you can think of?