Sunday, July 13, 2008

um, blasphemy?

so i was not aware that there were TWO guys named "Rusko" gracing god's green earth with some dope ass music.

but yeah, one of these things is not like the other.

i give you Rusko's tune "Cockney Thug."

yay! imho, his stuff is simply fantastic :)

aaaand i give your Rusko Star's hit "Attention Whore." oh yes.

"i think i love myself!" omigod omigod i'm officially dead. DEAD. i can't hate though, you know that this would totally be on my ipod if it weren't broken ;) ha ha this Rusko STAR sounds just like this German au-pair guy named Bjorn that I met, like, a million years ago. he bought me a bottle of The Body Shop's oceanus perfume. shit smelled super fresh. his boyfriend's name was Yentz.



bvllets said...

Caspa & Rusko Fabric mix is fucking great.

bvllets said...

Holy fuck I didn't watch the second video yet. Yikes.

the only amaris said...

i would have to agree :)

omg, the second video makes me laugh, but it also makes me feel like i'm losing brain cells by the second! emotronic music is serious business.