Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, all your history's like fire from a busted gun.

i'll tell you a secret...

sometimes when it looks like i am feverishly texting people, i'm actually making lists and observations. writing myself little notes. the result is usually incredible. ha ha if by incredible you mean words mashed up like banana sauce. this has become a trend with me, unfortunately.

last friday i went to the dub war in nyc by myself. as a person who is recovering from like the worst foot injury ever this is a big deal. i made it to new york early, so i went to pregame it at the continental on 3rd right off of st. marks place. they have a "buy 5 shots for 10 bucks!" special, but i was flying solo and could not partake. i did, however, order a yeungling. it was nice and cold, mad max was playing the big screen, and "safety dance" was playing on the juke box. amazing. i eventually left the continental as it was chock full o' nyu kids who were easily just above the legal drinking age. ha ha i'm old. i got to the dub war super early, and i took part in the $3.00 PBR spesh, as their beers are usually $7.00. storing beers in my purse and shit. my buddies arrived late, but i still had a blast! drank a little too much, which made me dance real real hard. at around 4am i left with my friend kasper as we were probably both ready to die. i said goodbye to my lovely NEPA pals, and went straight to grays papaya. papaya juice
+ hot dogs when you're drunk is a pretty rad combo. that sentence was kind of weird? but yeah, kasper let me crash out at his place which was very nice of him. he's a good egg. the next day i wanted to go see a show or something, but new york was soooooooooo hot that i needed to get my ass on a bus. while riding said bus i started, uh, feverishly texting myself memories of the weekend, and this is what came out:

my hair is dreading up
i lost my eyeliner last night
i thought i lost my deodorant
i talk too much
drinking and skanking
putting icy hot on in public
bass faces
so hot that coins stick to my ass on other people's furniture
vindictive hot sauce on gyros
mango pulp juice
me always knowing what to say
seeing shandy's ex-boyfriend on bedford avenue
missing everyone all the time
hottie door knocker earrings
be kanye!
just hanging out
i'm thinking what are you thinking
mad max on tv
falling in love with jamba juice
some t shirt that says "i need good head"
scrounging for magazine money
mmm chocolate croissant

yay lists! ha ha what a mess, though XD making a cassarole out of the english language since 1980, that's me.

yeeeaaah. pictures from the aforementioned weekend are soon to come. i seem to have lost my usb cord? shocker.

today i keep listening to "narc" by interpol. ha i remember when kristen and i would heckle carlos d. at shows. i don't remember why? as much as i enjoy "narc" please feel free to suggest other songs that should be stuck in my head.

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