Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh hai.

i haven't updated this thing in a minute, huh? gawd, between physical therapy, and my everyday in's and out's i couldn't really muster up the productivity to write/type/talk in circles about anything. last week was rough. like, "omgz! i'm going to have a breakdown!" rough. between a total mess up with my insurance paperwork, worrying myself silly, wanting to get the heck out of dodge, missing my friends terribly, and the shitty local bus system i was spent. SPENT. then i had an awakening, and decided that if i want something done i have to do it myself (duh amaris). sooo things are looking up, because i am making them look up damn it. ha ha ha.

for some reason this video brightened my day? it's the gift that keeps on giving, yo. i know that it is soooo not cool to laugh at "the silence of the lambs", but i always do :) plus buffalo bill makes me think about this boy i used to talk to. lol he was a creep! i definitely did NOT date him, but all the same my friends were creeped out by him, and did not want me talking to him anymore. like, he was the kind of guy that would ask perverted questions. also, his voice kind of sounded like bufflo bill's? i must have not been much fun to talk to, as i was running for saint at the time. ah ha ha ha. but yeah, this video rules!

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