Wednesday, September 24, 2008


guess what i'm doing next thursday?!

tyra show in nyc baby, oh yeah. lol @ all of the rules and regulations. well, not really. it just sucks for me because sneakers are just about the only shoe that i can wear, and they are not permitted according to the dress code. i'll figure it out, though. hmm...i wonder if they are going to make us take off all of our makeup, wear a bikini, write our weights on our bare bellies, all while making us face our fears. ah ha ha ha.

ETA: my trip to the tyra show is not happening after all :( too short of a notice for all parties involved, i guess. oh well...maybe next time! :) oooh f.y.i. on today's episode of the tyra show there will be a cycle 10 reunion. yay!


Jessa Hezyel said...

i went it was fun ur gonna have a good time the stage is big and you feel like your in a night club enjoy

the only amaris said...

cool! good to know, i'm totally looking forward to it :)

ari said...

can you do me a favor and pull on her weave? i want to see if she's a robot

the only amaris said...

lol. yeeeaaah, she's either a robot or an alien. did you see episode one of this cycle's ANTM?!