Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wanne be on top?

i can't lie. i love, and have always loved "america's next top model." i'm so sure that my boyfriend and my friends find it totally lame, but i don't care :) i used to live with a girl (hai erin!) who would ONLY watch reality tv, which kind of sucked. said girl did not watch ANTM or project runway, only shitty shows like the bachelor or whatever. reality shows about fashion, makeup, and beauty are always a good time. omg, and apparently there's going to be a makeup artistry based tv show on tlc starring napoleon perdis? hello! that hot action is right up my makeup artist wannabe alley. gosh. in the words of rachel zoe, I DIE.

but yeah, in tonight's episode of ANTM tarina tarantino is going to be making an appearance. soooo excited.


Annie said...

Oh cool! I've got it recorded on DVR for later.

the only amaris said...

gotta love the dvr, i know i do! :)