Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so i totally bought this book for five bucks at barnes & noble. they've got some awesome ideas in it. also, they don't insinuate that chubbier people, and meat eaters are disgustingly gross devil people...unlike the ladies behind "skinny bitch." in the meantime i seem to have misplaced my copy (see: i lost it in a night club, of all places), but oh well. i'll buy another copy if i could get it for the same price. scout's honor :)

but yeah, i'm still trying to fight the good fight, make healthy choices for my body, be a hotter/better amaris, fitter, happier, more productive, blah blah blah. sucks that i can't exercise my ass off right now, since i'm still rockin' the orthopedic boot. yesterday i found a picture of myself on some nightlife/party website, and i looked like a tan miss piggy, with a side of heaving cleavage. no bueno :(

soooo yeah, back to attempting to whip my ass into shape. hopefully wii boxing, free weights, and some time on the yoga ball will make a dent? i'm also going on the master cleanse again, since i lost a whopping ten lbs the last time. yeah, i know that fasts are bad news, but it kind of felt awesome to get rid of those pesky little toxins. i know my limits :) consider this all part of my positivity mission. i'm almost caught up organizing my life, and this will be a piece of cake. mmm cake. ha ha oh no. i also have pms right now, as well as a nasty cold, soooo cravings are imminent. shit happens.

talking in circles about body image, exercising, and food yay!

wish me luck.

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