Monday, April 20, 2009

just so you know.

oh hey. whoa i totally neglect this blog; blame tumblr. ha ha i love that site. i'd invade that site's personal space if it were a human, you know. wink wink.

ok so things have changed since my last post. i've put my job hunt on hold for the time being as i'm having corrective surgery on my right foot tomorrow. ha ha surprise! as you may or may not know i had a bad car accident about a year and change ago. reconstructive surgeries, hospital stays, and physical therapy ensued. everything has healed apart from my darn right heel. one day when i was upset and discouraged i said, "HEEL?! it certainly doesn't live up to it's name." that's a pretty awful joke. the pun never stops around these parts. but yeah, my poor right foot is crooked, and ridden with arthritis and pain. i am 28, and there is no reason for me to have arthritis yet. tomorrow i am having ankle fusion surgery. i won't explain anymore, because i don't want to psyche myself out LOL :(

needless to say, i am scared shitless you guys. ha ha! is shitless one word? i don't know? anyway, this is for the best. i'm going to be as good as new :)

i love each and every one of you. did you know that? i'm sappier than a maple tree, y'all.

p.s. here's the foot in question. feels like you know me a little better, huh?


Erika said...

good luck girl! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow! don't forget to eat tons of ice cream, even though you're having ankle surgery. if someone asks, just say "bitch! i just had surgery! go get me the TV remote and get out of my face!" or something.


Annie said...

I hope everything went well with the surgery <3

the only amaris said...

thank you erika, you're solid gold! <3

the only amaris said...

thank you annie! everything went ok, i'm just going to be laid up for a bit here. trying to remember how to use crutches ha ha. <3