Monday, June 23, 2008

youtube have my disturbingly awesome, world music babies.

soooo when i first moved to pennsylvania six thousand years ago we had this whole satellite television setup. said setup had this channel called "world link tv." since this was around the time that most tv was beginning to suck ("friends", mtv, etc.) i always found myself watching this world link tv. occasionally they'd show music videos from around the world. these videos have stuck with me for a good part of the decade, and nobody ever knows what i am talking about. now you'll know! :)

ok. first is a video by natacha atlas called "mistaneek." natacha and i totally look like we could be related, aaaaand i used to crush on the cab driver real bad XD

then we have masha and the bears from russia. omg, this song is way catchy. actually used to put it on mix cds ALL of the time.

aaaand lastly, i bring you juno reactor with their hit "god is god!" but seriously, this one used to creep me out something fierce. i hear that the video itself is actual footage from an actual movie?
if any of you can get your hot little hands on whatever movie this is from i will most likely bake for you ;)