Friday, June 27, 2008


it's no secret that i love everybody. humans are my cup of tea, and i am pretty sure that they are totally aware of this (albeit a smidgen weirded out). it's an extraordinary kind of love that stems from fascination, and humor. yep, that sounds about right.

with that being said, i got to thinking about love ("hearting" to be exact) the other night. it's totally lame, but i accidentally came across the myspace profile of someone on my dude's friends list. this pal's user status stated that she, uh, "hearts" my boyfriend. MY boyfriend. i tried to brush it off for a second, but then through some lurkery (that actually wasn't much lurkery at all) i saw that this person has been commenting my main squeeze left and right, telling him that he's cute, etc. this made me feel a bit sick, and like never before i decided to grab the yak by the horns and ask questions. it's so cool having a back bone!

after a spell on the phone with the boyfriend, he assured me that the female in question is simply an acquaintance he never hangs out with. also, she is a total weirdo that has a crush on him. duh. he also told me that i should write to her if it would make me feel better, but i can't be bothered. plus she looks like the president of avon cosmetics. ew ha ha. most people would get all "trust no one!" in a situation like this, but i know better. my boyfriend, he does not beat around the bush. he is, like, the bluntest, most brutally honest person in the world. i trust him and i love him. i really do :)

that whole ish got me thinking about scruples, and how some people have a complete and utter lack of them. it's sad really. i've never been one of those psycho jealous types who forbids their signifigant other from having friends who happens to be girls. fuck that, yo. i have some super cool male friends, but they do not parade around saying that they "heart" me lol lol. some people just don't care, though. ah well. some people deserve a big, fat "LOL QUE."


but yeah, i still love humans. ha ha ha not quite sure what i'm trying to get at here, buuuut this is my blog and it *is* in no particular order ;)

listen to black moth super rainbow, and go see "walle." meet you there...i'll have bottled water and chocolates.


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