Sunday, December 13, 2009

a better amaris 3.0

i recently joined a gym. i've even gone as far as hiring a personal trainer. busting my ass with strength training and cardio, etc. i know that i will never ever be tiny and that's beyond cool, but i wouldn't mind fitting into my favorite pair of jeans again. actually, i've forbade myself from purchasing jeans until i reach my goal. in the meantime it looks like leggings for me!

about a year and i half ago i fell in love with these CRAZY gold leggings at target, but for some reason never bought them? :(

then one day i was perusing the lovely wares at b&lu (a place to find super fantastic clothes for the zaftig set) and i came upon these bad boys.

can you say kismet?

so yeah, wish me luck on my legging clad journey of wellness. i've even started eating better (cooking my own meals helps), and drinking buckets full of water everyday. is it too geeky to say that i'm excited about looking, and feeling healthier? ha ha fuck it, i'm so ready :) all the same, i'm not going to say that i am banishing pizza, beer, and cupcakes forever cuz that would be one of the filthiest lies.

p.s. i promise to wear dresses, tunics, and shirts that at least cover my bum during this time of knit leg wear. pinkie swear.


Anonymous said...

Yay girl! Good for you! I'm also busting my ass at the gym. I highly recommend a yeast-free diet. I gave up bread and my stomach is now flatter and I don't feel so lethargic. Keep up the good work babe!

the only amaris said...

thank you pretty miss! :) i know that it sounds geeky, but if i don't get exercise for a few days my body kinda craves it? ha ha. hmmm a yeast free diet, eh? definitely gonna have to try it out.