Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's magic part ii

whoa, has it really been a month since my last post? ha ha that sucks.

apart from the flotsam, the jetsum, and spam mail, the internet can be a wonderfully magnificent place. i could go on and on about countless websites that teach you about helping others, helping yourself, making art, getting inspired, saving the world, etc. however, i will not go on and on about all of these aforementioned web gems, because you'll wind up falling asleep (if you haven't already).

let's talk about tumblr. ohhh tumblr. say what you want, but that bitch rules. it's like a feast for the eyes and ears. all awesome images, cupcakes, beer, glitter, dresses, and pizza. i get inspired by the melange of things posted there on a regular basis. it's also safe to say that i prefer it over social networking sites. i'd rather get stoked about ideas, and images than lurk someone or write on their wall. ha ha i don't know?

some of my most favorite tumblelogs (in no particular order, doy) would include:










a straight up cornucopia of magnificence right there. all of these people infuse me with wonder and awe, even if i don't know some of them in real life, or whatever.

ha ha so i try to make a blog posting about the raddest sites ever, and it becomes a love letter to tumblr? of course it does.

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