Friday, February 27, 2009


this is a post about my legs. i've been neglecting this blog as of late (blame my tumblr, yo). i've also been neglecting my legs. last year my right leg got hella skinny from being wrapped up in a cast for months, it was scary. it's back to it's normal size, but it could use some toning. ha ha it's just like my left leg now!

but yeah, legs. i mostly use a picture of my legs as the default photo on my myspace. you see, i'm job hunting and i don't want to be that accessible to prospective employers. not to mention my profile is, like, totally private. i don't have anything to hide of course, but blah blah blah etc. for a while the aforementioned profile was not private, and i had one of those anonymous ~*ultra mega secret box*~ apps. one person insulted me in broken enlish, questioning my creativity. one person said "hotty." and then came the leg comments. "the things i would do to those legs" and "u got nasty fat legs" were my favorite. ha ha pretty sure i know who the "nasty fat leg" comment came from :) people are so weird. i deleted the creepy ~*ultra mega secret box*~ app, and the comments stopped...until recently. just the other day i got an A+ friend request. it speaks for itself.

yeeeaaah. wtf.

don't know quite what i was getting at here, but i sure said "legs" A LOT.

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