Tuesday, August 12, 2008


k. i promised that i'd tell you secrets today. since i've been napping a lot, and kind of worn out as of late (see: long bus rides, ass kickin' physical therapy, anxiety related dreams) the best i can offer is a survey. shit, i've always dug these things. ha ha soooo livejournal. it's my birthday week, so i totally swear that things will get a bit more interesting :)

Name: amaris
Nickname(s): ami
Age: 27
Birthday: 8-16-80
Birthplace: manhasset, long island
Current Location: east stroudsburg/analomink, pennsylvania
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'8
Weight: no
Lefty or Righty: righty tighty
Zodiac Sign: leo
What Do You Drive: n/a
Screenname: amidoesnotexist

Color: i wear black a lot, but orange and teal kind of own me
Number: 14
Band: hmm animal collective
Music Genre: anything that takes my breath away...yeah!
TV Show: project runway, yo.
Movie: the neverending story.
Actor: gael garcia bernal, viggo mortensen.
Actress: audrey tatou, samantha morton.
Kind of Movie: oh, you name it.
Cartoon: ren and stimpy, obvi.
Sport: futbol.
Fast Food Restaurant: in and out burger. omg.
Food: sure.
Ice Cream: is going to save the day.
Cereal: gorilla munch. try it!
Candy: jolly ranchers.
Drink: mango iced tea.
Alcoholic Beverage: beer, red wine, girlie drinks with umbrellas, hard stuff...it's all good. lol wino.
Quote: "not the button!" :)

{---Do You---}
Have any siblings: one brother.
Have any pets: donnie and duncan.
Have a job: not at this moment.
Have a cellphone: yes.
Have any special talents or skills: oh several.
Have any fears: a couple.
Have a bedtime: not really.
Sing in the shower: always.
Want to go to college: a better one, yes.
Get along with your parents: yes.
Have any piercings: four.
Have any tattoos: nope.
Swear: uh huh.
Smoke: not since december. yay!
Drink: LOL yes.
Do Drugs: only the ones that are prescribed to me. starscape doesn't count ;)

{---Love & All That Crap---}
Ever been in love: you betcha.
Are you single: nopers.
Are you in a relationship: yes.
Do you have a crush on someone: the entire planet, duh.
Ever been dumped: yes.
Ever dumped someone: yes.
Ever had your heart broken: of course. broken bones hurt more, trust me.

{---This or That---}
Fruit or Vegetable: fruit.
Black or White: buhLACK.
Lights On or Lights Off: i dont care.
TV or Movie: movie.
Car or Truck: i want a neon green vespa.
Cash or Check: cash.
Rock or Rap: dubstep.
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla.
French Toast or French Fries: baked french fries with the skin still on. mmmm.
Strawberries or Blueberries: uh both.
Cookies or Muffins: muffin tops.
Winter Break or Spring Break: either can be a blast.
Hugs or Kisses: both at the same time.

{---Have You Ever---}
Danced in a public place: surely.
Smiled for no reason: all of the time, yo.
Laughed so hard you cried: yes! dude, i've passed out from laughing before.
Talked to someone you don't know: all the time.
Drank alcohol: of course.
Done drugs: you asked me this already.
Partied 'til the sun came up: uh huh.
Gotten a ticket: once for selling cigarettes to some narc minor.
Been arrested: no.
Been convicted of a crime: umm nope
Been in a wreck: yeah.
Been out of the country: yes, but it needs to happen more often.

{---Random & Silly Junk---}
Are you a virgin: LOL.
Ever TP'd someone's house: no.
Ever egged someone's house: no.
How many languages do you speak: two and a half.
Who do you compare yourself to: an overgrown bunny rabbit and/or keane painting?
Ever regret anything: i try not to.
Do you like being tickled: secretly yeah.
What are your goals: be fitter, happier, more productive. HA j/k, but not really. yeah i would also like for my foot heal up 100%. oh, and i'd like to go on more on adventures always and 4-ever.
Are your fingers tired: no.
Are you tired of this survey: yes yes yes.
Are you happy: right now, yep.

lol surveys. um, i somehow acquired a file called "micro mix 17 from norway" by atlas sound. i don't remember downloading said file, soooo if one of you sent it to me please let me know and i will personally give you a piece of birthday cake. shit's gonna be dope.


in other news, i'm so going to the silent rave this weekend to dance off the aforementioned birthday cake. i looked at pictures. lots of people had juice at the last one?

also, i am dying to try a miami vice.

rum, strawberry daiquiri, and piƱa colada? yes please. ha ha easy on the coconut, though.



Annie said...

A miami vice, huh? Really... We're big fans of strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas over here. Never thought about putting them together. That's we as in my dude and me, not a royal we. :]

the only amaris said...

they look pretty darn amazing, no? we (my dude and i hee hee) are excited about sangria these days.