Saturday, January 31, 2009

everyday is like sunday.

so tomorrow is the super bowl. i guess that i am rooting for the pittsburgh steelers, as i am a pennsylvanian? anyway, watching sports on tv has never been my thing. all the same, i'm super cool with live sporting events. beer, yelling, junk food (mmm), and excitement yay! actually, lots of beer, yelling, junk food and excitement can ensue whilst watching the tv i guess? ah talking in circles.

well, what i'm trying to get at is the fact that i'm pretty much only stoked on the super bowl because beer and hoagies that are too big to fit in my mouth are involved in said event. the super bowl ain't got nothing on the puppy bowl. ha ha ha. i've watched the puppy bowl for two years in a row now, and it really seems to annoy people. eventually the annoyed people wind up laughing. i mean, who doesn't love puppies? oh, and we musn't forget about the kitty half time. something for everybody. this is going to be epic.


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Annie said...

Hooray for Puppy Bowl!!